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Dedicated to Creating a Water Trail on the Lower Columbia River
The Columbia River Water Trail Website is a user-edited site with a wealth of boat launch, lodging, and camping information. It was developed as a guide for people who want to travel the lower Columbia River from the Boneville Dam to the Ocean using manually powered Craft. We were inspired when we discovered the lack of organized information available to plan a trip down the river.

This site maintains a user-edited database of points along the Lower Columbia River that would be useful for People who wish to travel segments, or even the entire length of the lower river.  Information can be Launch Ramp information, places to legally camp, directions to a cool place to get food, or the location of an on-the-water hotel.

The information in our database can be quickly and easily uploaded into your GPS (in the format of a GPX file).  There is no charge for this service, and it's easy!  With this information in your GPS, you can easily navigate the water trail, and find the places you need with up to date information, maintained by a community of local editors.  

This information isn't just for through travelers either... put-in information will help people find launch sites for fishing, and general river access.  Camping information will help people find legal spots to camp, avoiding costly tickets, environmental harm, and conflict with landowners. Lodging and Kayak Shop information will help the local commerce of the small towns along the Columbia River

Please Browse our site, and learn as much as you can from it. If you are local to the Columbia River, or have knowledge that you can add, PLEASE DO SO! We encourage informative edits of all types - even those with commercial interests that cater to users who travel by manually powered craft!