welcome to the water Trails!

When you want to kayak or canoe in a new location, it is sometimes hard to find where to go and where to put-in. Also, put-in locations change frequently due to construction, tides, or any number of other reasons. To solve this problem, we have created a database of kayak and canoe put-ins that is user editable (like a wiki). Once users enter the information, it is available on the web for everyone to see. Not only that, but a downloadable GPS file is created when the database is updated, which allows users to download all of the information into a handheld GPS - so they have all of the pertinent site information with them on the water!

Thank you for helping to support the kayak and canoe put-in website by keeping your entries clean and accurate. We ask that you report any inappropriate content to the site administrator. Happy paddling!

water trail sub sites

  • San Francisco Bay Area Canoe and Kayak Launch Site

    San Francisco Bay Area Canoe and Kayak Launch Site

    The San Francisco Bay Area is a mecca for kayaking. The bay is surrounded with kayak put-in locations, most of which are a short drive from the large cities. The SF bay kayak put in page is a user-edited website with loads of information about where to launch your kayak, and where to go once you are on the water. You can edit the site too - and upload pictures of the launch ramps..
  • California Kayak Put-ins - Launch Map

    California Kayak Put-ins - Launch Map

    The Californial Launch Ramp Index was created after users of the SF put-in site requested the ability to add new launch sites. The California put-ins page covers the entire state of California, and has the same type of information as the SF bay put-ins site.
  • Columbia River Water Trail Wiki

    Columbia River Water Trail Wiki

    The Columbia River Water Trail Website is also a user-edited site. It was created for people who are interested in paddling from the Boneville Dam to the Ocean Along the Columbia River. One magnificient feature of the site is that the entire database can be downloaded into your GPS - which means you don't have to constantly check the map to see which points of interest are coming up!
  • GPS Maps for your Garmin

    Maps for your Garmin GPS

    Navigating on the water can be challenging! Sight lines can be short, and if you are close to the water such as in a kayak or canoe, your perspective of the horizon can be very limiting. The best and easiest way to navigate is to have a detailed map on your GPS. A GPS will super-impose your exact position on a map, and even enable you to route and make courses. We sell a couple of GPS maps to help you on your journies - and we plan to add more. Our GPS maps are compatible with Garmin devices.